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General Schedule


Team BuildingEntrance Ceremony: A casual meet and greet event with other new students, existing students, instructors, and administration staff.

Orientation: We will spend 3 days going over the school rules, and other general rules to make your Whistler stay easier. Students will go into each program and establish own goals. There will be a Whistler village tour by our internship students and staff. Get to know other students and future buddies. There will be time to open Canadian bank accounts as well.

Fitness Assessment: CSBA is a sports school. Based on the assessment result our trainers will determine/establish the best training schedule for each student.

Vancouver Shopping: We will go down to Vancouver to get what will be necessary for your stay in Whistler and for classes as well. Have them all? Enjoy Vancouver!


Whistler CanoeingEvent week: Different from regular classes, will spend a week around various events.

Sports Experience (Canoe): The first sports experience class is canoeing. Either 2 or 3 students per canoe and will go down the River of Golden Dreams. Enjoy paddling, the great view, and if you're lucky you may see a beaver! This is a class/event where you can experience the great nature and sports environment.

Hiking: As a part of team building, we will go on various hikes. The first hiking trip is very easy and short, to get used to working together as a team.

Glacier Camp: *For ski and snowboard students only* Whistler has one of the biggest ski/snowboard camps up on the glacier. World class top athletes will come train on the glacier as well. You can meet the pro, watch the pro, and become like them.


Mini Presentation: Students will be divided into groups to work on a topic given by their ESL teachers for the last couple weeks of the first term. At the end of the first term in the morning, students will do a short presentation on their research.

Event: After the stressful presentation, there will be an event full of activities. This is usually a triathlon event followed by much appreciated BBQ by the Lost Lake. Put full effort into everything = CSBA Style.


Whistler HikingHiking: The second hiking trip is a little longer than the first hiking trip. Longer, steeper, and the greater view with more flowers.

Sports Experience (Wakeboarding): We will go to the Green Lake about 10 minutes drive from school for wakeboarding. With local Canadian instructors, there will be a technical instruction. By this time students are used to using English, so the instruction comes in smoothly.

Expedition Camping Trip: As the last team building, we will go on the 1xover night camping trip. This is the event where you use what you have learned so far at CSBA. For the trip, we will go to Garibaldi Lake as long as the condition permits.

First Aid: Students will take First Aid classes provided by the Canadian Red Cross. Students have an option to take a test at the end of the course to receive the certification.


Whistler HikingSports Experience (Golf/Rock Climbing): We will go to a golf course in Pemberton to learn basic fitness theory and anatomical theory using golf. For Rock Climbing, there will be an option for belaying and bouldering.

Sports Theory Presentation: This is the main presentation for CSBA students. Students will learn sports theories throughout the second term. At the end of the term, they are required to present 3 basic principles (Natural Law, Human Body Structure, and Body Movement Awareness) using their own sport profession.


October is CSBA's month off before the winter starts. Some students go home while other students stay in Canada and explore Canada.


WhistlerWinter term students entrance ceremony/Orientation: There will be an information session on spending winter in Whistler. Things to consider, to be careful for, as well as 3rd term/4th term goals will be covered.

Fitness Assessment: Fitness assessment before the winter starts, and how to plan a good training during the winter.


Christmas Party! If you do not decide to go home for the wonderful holiday season, there will be a Christmas party at CSBA!


Skiing TreesAvalanche Course: Students will take series of classes based on CAC AST level 1. Students will learn about avalanche and avalanche rescue. There will be days in backcountry area for practicum.


This is the time our instructor students work on their licenses. There are many competitions for athlete students as well.


Graduation/Graduation Trip: To celebrate completion of one year program, students will receive a diploma. There will be a graduation trip which is all about fun!