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Snowboard Program

In Whistler, the snowboard season is long (from November to August) with the peak being from December to March. The combination of this long season, great snowfall, high-quality park and half pipe all add up to an overall improvement for any ability of rider. The mountain life offers amazing backcountry experiences for which snowboarders from all over the world meet to enjoy. It is common to spot pro riders on the slopes and in the parks and this can be very inspirational for beginner riders.

Athlete Program

Snowboard Junior AthleteThis program is geared towards the freestyle snowboarder from the entry-level to the elite level of competition. Physical, technical, and mental training skills are taught along with a focus on discipline and maintaining a balance in all areas. On-the-snow training involves freeride, park ride (jumps, rails and halfpipe) and snowboard cross. The program is based on the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Canadian Snowboard Coaching Program.

Junior Athlete Program

Snowboard AthleteThis program is similar to the Athlete program, but is geared towards younger students (15-18 years of age). The mental, physical and technical skills are important as well as learning life skills & becoming a more independent individual. After a year at CSBA, junior athletes have the opportunity to study at a local Whistler high school.

Snowboard Instructor

Snowboard Program Classes

(from November to July)

(done in the summer to develop and maintain snowboarding skills)

(done in both summer and winter, offering similar movements as in snowboarding and the ability to spin)

Mental Training
(developing the skill of imagery and positive thinking to improve performance)

Instructor Theory
(classroom management, teaching methodology, communication)